CEO, V-Empower, Inc.
Founder, Statedemocracy Foundation

Leading a very successful career for about 26 years in the US, starting as a Travel Agent/International Air Tariff expert to a CEO of one of the fastest growing company according to Inc. Magazine in 2007.

Currently, dividing time between being a CEO, Mentor, Facilitator, Non-Profit Executive Operative, Community Worker and family man with 2 wonderful daughters and spouse.

Founder of

January 2007 – December 2010

Provides cutting edge solutions to candidates/businesses/organizations to use Internet effectively. We currently provide products and Services in the following areas:

Founder of Statedemocracy Foundation

July 2003 – December 2010

Conceptualized, designed, developed and implemented a technology which helps citizens contact their elected officials at the Federal & State Level. V-Empower, Inc. has contributed over $ 1 million in the last 7 years. We developed the 1st ever voter registration & absentee ballot in 2004 which is being used by several businesses/unions/campaigns.

CEO, V-Empower, Inc.

October 2000 – Present

Manages a small company with few employees and consultants which specializes in Information Security, Web-Development, Software Development, Search Engine Optimization & Search Engine Marketing.

We built this company from an investment of $ 1000 to over 110 employees in 6 countries with an annual revenue of $ 5.4 million in 2006; An Inc.500 honoree for 2007 (Ranked # 263); A Deloitte’s Fast 50 honoree (Ranked #1) for 2007 in Maryland and (Ranked #7) in 2008.

V-Empower, Inc. has cultivated the culture of innovation/entrepreneurship by developing 23 products in last 14 years and facilitating its 7 employees to start their own businesses.

We are now a small, innovative company with a focus to foster entrepreneurship by opening up our intellectual property & talent.

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Only Candidate in Prince George’s County to Support Public School Choice (Began the campaign in 1998 and helped enact Public School Choice in 2003. Currently there are 36 Charter Schools in the State serving about 12,249 students)


Shukoor is an example of the American dream being alive and well. He came to this country as an immigrant from India a little over 26 years ago, with just $500 in his pocket. Since then he has been able to start a family with his wonderful wife, get a graduate degree, and build his own company from the ground up.

Before coming here, Shukoor’s parents instilled the value of getting an education, which is why upon arrival, he completed his Bachelors in Information Systems (he later went on to complete his masters in Public Policy from American University). He then worked in the travel industry where he learned the basics of customer-service. It is also where he was able to hone his listening skills, believe him, the only thing worse than getting your flight cancelled is dealing with the person who just had his flight cancelled.

From the start, Shukoor also immersed himself in community service, working with several non-profits, social organizations and faith groups. In fact, between 1992 and 2006 he volunteered on average, 30 hours a week with such causes. Some of these groups included Lutheran Social Services, Winter Haven Homeless Shelter, Habitat for Humanity, State Democracy Foundation and Ayesha & Ali Padder Foundation.

Shukoor and his wife have two daughters, both of whom attended local public schools and are currently attending University of Maryland, College Park.

Shukoor runs his own IT consulting company and knows the daily challenges faced by small business. Challenges like meeting a payroll and providing healthcare for employees are just two examples of how he can apply his business experience in serving the public good in our county.