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Shukoor Ahmed
V-Empower Inc. has made a Big Difference in 2004's Presidential Election

Hyderabad, November'04: When he thought of seeking a public office to serve in 1998, everyone in his family and friends thought that he was crazy (with a different accent/name/color and obviously not connected into the system).In that year, he promised to himself that he will have an impact in the political process no matter what challenges come in the way. In the past 6 years,Shukoor has come a long way by contributing whatever he could with his background in Computer Science, Technology, Public Policy, Politics, Customer Service, Organizational Development, Management, Team Work, and Leadership.

He began his company in late 1999 and incorporated it by August 2000.The company had 38 months of losses, until early this year,when they turned around the company (without any government grant, without venture fund and without seeking any financial institutions' help).V-Empower Inc designed some of the best political tools in the last 4 years and designed 3 major tools/product specifically for this 2004 elections. They are:

1) Voter Registration Application
2) Absentee Ballot Application
3) Direction to Polling Place

All products are widely used by several Political Parties, Candidates, Interest Groups and more importantly both presidential candidates.

- V-Empower Inc estimate over 1 million users used its Voter Registration Application - Over 500,000 citizens used its Absentee Ballot Application - Several millions have used to find the directions to their polling place

V-Empower Inc is hoping to enhance its products and do some amazing stuff in the near future.

Shukoor Ahmed, product of Osmania University, armed with BS in Computer Information System from Strayer University and a MA in Public Policy from American University, with a major in Lobbying and minor in Campaign Management, this multi-faceted personality founded V-Empower in 1999, since then Shukoor is the CEO.

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