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A hotline for MPs

It has become a ritual for all the Mem ber of Parliament's to visit their respective constituency once in five years just to ensure that their vote bank is full. And, once they are elected they do not bother interacting or engaging with the people who voted them to power.

Now that social media and smart phones are changing the conventional methods of procedures in every field, even politics falls under this radar.

Helping people connect to their representatives is `mpConnect', a free app developed by US-based V-Empower Inc. for smartphone users. This app facilitates easy and efficient interaction between the constituents and the respective MP. The user can call, text or email the MP. The app is available for free download on Google Play Store and Apple's App Store.

V-Empower is working in close connect with activists and interest groups to ensure wholesome information. They also have plans of upgrading the app after the general elections.

In the last ten years, V-Empower has built apps for the political spaces in the USA and India. They are:

  • Built first ever application which connected US citizens with elected officials in 2000 (http://www.statedemocracy.org).
  • Built first ever application which connected Indian citizens with their elected officials in 2002 (http://www.indiademocracy.com).
  • Built first ever voter registration and absentee ballot application in 2004.
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