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Website lets users register, get absentee ballots and find polls

Only a few weeks remain to get ready for the November 4th Elections. And while more Americans are expected to vote this year than ever before, many still haven't climbed onboard.

  • Some voters don't realize their registration must be updated if they moved.
  • Others don't know the reasons, if any, their state stipulates to vote by absentee ballot.
  • Too many voters get lost on Election Day, because their polling place has been moved since the last election.
To help Americans vote, the nonprofit StateDemocracy Foundation is offering a chest full of FREE voter tools through its StateDemocracy.org website. By simply entering their ZIP code, citizens can download a voter registration or absentee ballot application, as well as find the local polling place for any precinct throughout the nation.

Hundreds of thousands of citizens have also used StateDemocracy.org to correspond with their federal and state lawmakers since the site was launched in 2001. Constituent input to Congress is especially powerful right now, as lawmakers consider legislation on such critical issues as offshore oil drilling, economic stimulus plans and federal funding bills.

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